Since the World Health Organization elevated the coronavirus outbreak from an epidemic to a pandemic, more and more businesses are choosing to manage a completely remote workforce.

#Winmoreknows that working from home is just… So much better!

To help get your mind off of all the chaos, here are 10 things we like about the setup our company has.

10 Advantages of Working from Home

  1. Flexible schedule. You can take breaks at any moment, feel no rush to hang up on your family members when they call, and eat lunch at any time you want.


  1. Custom environment. Setup your noise level just the way you want it, some relaxing music or some rock, feel free to express yourself and be productive at the same time.


  1. Cozy clothes. The best part, chill on your pajamas, or maybe those old rags that you cant stop wearing!


  1. It’s easier do your job, no stress about no coffee or someone that eat your lunch! (I personally love having my dogs with me, while I’m working)


  1. Knock off some weekend to-do’s. Ugg that annoying laundry pile still there after 2 weeks….that you keep postponing!


  1. No office distractions. Avoid co-workers debating the merits of cryptocurrency, sirens wailing outside your window, the AC kicking in as you hide your icicle tears.


  1. Zero commuting. From bed to … bed? Hey I’m not judging, it’s nice.


  1. Save money, even get healthy maybe using those nice veggies you got last week but never got to cook, when would be a better time to get your meals ready and fresh while you’re at home!


  1. Forget crowds and traffic, again no traffic!!! No more waking up at 5 am to get ready, no more rush hour, just staying home enjoying your breakfast and getting ready to rock!


  1. More time with loved ones. Take care of a sick significant other at home, be ready for your kids earlier in the day, get some extra snuggles in with your doggo, or simply get some quiet time to yourself!


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